Custom Painted Baby Helmets


A Personal Connection

The first helmet I painted was my son’s. It’s so difficult to hide such a cute head beneath a medical device, especially at this precious age. Painting makes the helmet experience so much more tolerable, and even fun. We recieve compliments every time we leave the house. We hear “Awesome helmet!” instead of “What’s that?”

Custom Painted helmets in northern indiana

I prefer to work locally. This provides a more personal connection and also saves you shipping expenses and saves baby time out of the helmet.


Cost depends on complexity of the design—generally $150-$300. The total is due upon pickup of the helmet, prior to painting.


Sports, Pilot (with goggles of course!), Flowers, Animals, Knight, Greek, Roman, Viking, Star Wars (Rebel pilot, stormtrooper, Boba Fett, R2D2, BB-8, Princess Leia buns…), Super Heroes…the possibilities are endless.




Please contact me as soon as possible so we can begin discussing your design and I can schedule your custom helmet painting. I need advance notice to schedule your painting appointment, so I can commit to painting your baby’s helmet in one day.

Here is a sample timeline:

  1. Your child’s orthotist recommends helmet therapy. This would be a good time to contact me and begin discussing your custom design.

  2. You will schedule a scanning appointment with the orthotist. You will schedule a fitting appointment about 10 days later once your helmet arrives. Please give me the fitting date so I can schedule your painting.

  3. We’ll meet to pick up the helmet. Ideally, this is the same day as the fitting. I’ll paint it that night, and return it the next day.

Helmet Care

Always follow your Orthotist’s care instructions! However, take extreme care when cleaning with alcohol. If alcohol gets between the plastic of the helmet at the paint, the paint could peel off. Rather than spraying alcohol into the helmet (which limits your control of where it sprays or runs), I recommend spraying alcohol onto a paper towel, then scrubbing the inside of the helmet with the alcohol soaked paper towel. This is what we have done for the 4+ months my son has had his helmet, without any problems keeping the helmet clean or damaging the paint job.