Commission your icon


Brian would love to discuss creating a custom, hand-painted icon for your church or home. Contact him to begin!

Once Brian has your deposit, he'll begin the sketch. You'll approve the sketch of your commissioned icon before Brian proceeds.

Brian brings your icon to life with 23k Italian gold leaf and the finest artists' colors. Your icon will take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Brian will ship your icon after the final payment. Your icon will bring the presence of Christ and the saints to your home or church for a lifetime.


Brian would love to discuss creating a custom, hand-painted icon for your church or home. He prayerfully considers both small- and large-scale projects for icon panels and murals. Direct inquiries to Brian by using the form in the “Contact” link, or by emailing

Brian sees hand-painted icons as works of skill and prayer to be treasured for a lifetime, encouraging contrition and prayer by their holy presence. Icon painting is a specialized craft requiring training and prayerful, careful execution. Icons painted by Brian are crafted with the highest regard for prayer, aesthetics, and Orthodox iconographic traditions. For all custom icons, Brian prayerfully considers the life of the Saint depicted and references as many existing icons that can be found.



Crafted with the finest archival materials

Only the highest quality archival materials are used with the understanding these hand-painted icons will be venerated for generations. Materials for panel icons include:

  • The highest quality birch wood painting panels and gesso.

  • Genuine 23 karat gold for the gilded background. I use only the best gold-leaf imported from Italy.

  • Traditional egg tempera has been the choice medium of iconographers for centuries. I use eggs from my parents’ or neighbors’ free-range chickens, and historic mineral pigments.

  • Rich, vivid, professional-grade acrylic paints provide great permanence, brilliance, versatility, and durability. Golden Artist Colors are my paint of choice for the highest pigment load and film durability.

  • Acrylic icons have a varnish that enhances the beauty of the icon while protecting it from UV damage and physical wear from veneration. For icons that will be heavily venerated and/or well “loved,” I recommend acrylic for its durability.

Once you have commissioned Brian to create a custom icon, he will send you a preliminary sketch as well as photos of your icon throughout the painting process. A 50% down payment is necessary for Brian to begin your icon. The remaining balance plus a shipping fee (generally $15 if shipped within the U.S.) is due upon completion of the icon, prior to shipment. Brian accepts payment through PayPal, which you can use to pay securely online with a check or credit card. Cleared personal checks are also acceptable.

Please email or use the form in the "Contact" tab above to contact Brian with your commission request. The lead time (from downpayment to shipment) for a custom, hand-painted, single figure panel icon is generally 6-8 weeks. Egg tempera icons can be shipped immediately, but you should exercise extreme care for the first six months until the paint fully cures.


Painted with prayer to be treasured for a lifetime

Below are general quotes for a the most common sizes. Brian is happy to discuss your ideas and offer a quote for any custom icon.

Single Figure Panel Icons

Common sizes and pricing for icons of a custom single figure, from the waist up (a bust) are:

  • 5"x7" ............$250 Acrylic | $300 Egg Tempera

  • 8"x10" ..........$300 Acrylic | $350 Egg Tempera

  • 9"x12" ..........$350 Acrylic | $400 Egg Tempera

  • 11"x14” ........$450 Acrylic | $515 Egg Tempera

Custom sizes not listed above can be accommodated and will be quoted accordingly. Panels with a kovcheg (traditional raised border) can be requested on egg tempera icons for an extra $50.

For additional examples of single figure icons, click the "Portfolio" tab above to view Brian's handpainted icons of Christ, Panagia, and the Saints.

Family Panel Icons

A popular Orthodox tradition is to commission a custom icon depicting the patron saints of the members of a family. An icon depicting two patron saints could be given to a bride and groom for their wedding.

Pricing for icons of two, standing figures (plus Christ or the Theotokos above the figures) begin at:

  • 9"x12" Two Figure, Family Icon ........$500 Acrylic | $615 Egg Tempera

  • 11"x14" Two Figure, Family Icon........$600 Acrylic | $735 Egg Tempera

Custom sizes and/or icons depicting more than two figures, and/or other backgrounds can be accommodated and will be quoted on an individual basis. For additional examples of multiple figure icons, click the "Portfolio" tab above to view Brian's handpainted icons of Christ, Pangaia, and the Saints.

Terms & Conditions

By commissioning an icon (whether hand-painted or a print) from Brian Matthew Whirledge Iconography, you are agreeing to the following:

  • All deposits are non-refundable. This deposit (or payment in full) is required to begin the commission.

  • The remainder of payment (balance) is due upon completion of the commission, prior to shipping. Shipping cost is not included and will be determined by destination.

  • Brian Matthew Whirledge reserves all rights to reproduce and/or reprint this original icon. The patron is granted permission to make reprints (copies) for personal or devotional use, but not for commercial or promotional use.